Most sporting activities originated thousands of years ago. Golf, like most sports, originated back in the 1400s in Scotland. In its early days, golf was banned by King James 2 and James 4 believing it to go against the military training. In 1603, when King James 4 who had been enchanted by the sport assumed Kingship in England, the sport came into full existence in England not Scotland. However, in the 1600s when Scotland lifted the ban on the sport, the first international golf tournament was set to take place between Scotland and England. Although golf continued to spread as a sport across the world, the biggest obstacle was affordability of the golf ball which was made of feathers and leather. As years passed, this changed as more and more people embraced the sport with the introduction of more affordable balls.

There are a countless number of golf courses around the world which undoubtedly look amazing. However, below is a compiled list of the top 3 incredibly beautiful golf courses across the world:

Sebonack Golf Club – Southampton, New York

With a membership fee of $650,000, Sebonack has enticed members willing to part with the sum just for a touch of membership. A huge chunk of the fee is said to be as a result of membership being exclusive as well as the excellent golf experience. Sebanock, situated in one of the nation’s wealthiest neighborhood, offers members an exceptional experience in its challenging course. As critics put it, this is a place to be for golf players looking for value of their investment.

St. Andrews Links – Scotland

St. Andrews is one of the most ancient courses in the world. It boasts of 6 public courses. However, of much focus is the Old Course. The course is believed to be more than 600 years old and the oldest ever. Despite the age, it remains to be one of the most beautiful courses around the world. The course has over the years been used as a measure for designing other courses. The course also features the large double greens, with seven of them being shared by two holes each. St. Andrews has been a leader in the industry earning several awards and top magazine rankings.

Augusta National – Augusta, Georgia

This course has over time positioned itself as ones of the worlds’ dominant golf courses. Since 1934, it has played host to the Masters Tournament. The club has been known to uphold its standards with the first African – American being admitted as a member in 1990. Women, on the other hand, were not to be granted membership until 2012. The club has seen most of its courses undergo renovations and modifications bringing fourth unique structures. Privacy remains key to the club and a definite destination for privacy lovers who play golf.

Golf courses remains a key factor to golf players. This is evidently seen with good players being from golf clubs around the world with good courses.