Understanding Golf Equipment: Up The Irons!

Understanding Golf Equipment: Up The Irons!


Before you set out to hit a bucket of balls, understanding the equipment that will help you make that perfect swing is imperative for a fair and square game. Here we teach you about the main component of a game of golf – the humble golf club.

Now, a golf club contains three parts – the Head, the Shaft and the Grip. The main focus of a perfect golf club is to help with the physics of a golfer’s swing and for the ball to get into a curve. Basically, unlike other sports equipment, golf clubs are designed based on expertise – a beginner will need a more forgiving club while a pro would need a little less forgiving one.

Usually there are 12 different types of putters, but the game of golf allows for a player to carry up to 14, so someone can carry a couple more helpers for the set on the green.

Another type of professional golf club belongs to the Woods. These are used to hit long shots, say if the distance from tee to green is above 400 yards. PGA pro golfers use woods that are up to 10 degrees, but of course, it is recommended to use woods that are suitable for the type of strokes you plan to make.

Irons are another type of golf club. As one can imagine, they would be heavier than woods, so a golfer may use it when tees are less than 200 yards from the green. And specialty irons are called Wedges. They help with increased shot control and shaping, which is important for a cutting-edge swing.

Putters have one main duty – to get the ball into the hole. If your first shot didn’t get it in, putters provide you with that extra kick over the sand dune and into the hole. Putters come in different shapes and sizes, including short, belly, long and bent, among others.