Golf: Too Slow For Our Millennials?

Golf: Too Slow For Our Millennials?

Three friends having fun in a golf course,Biltmore Golf Course,Coral Gables,Florida,USA

Millennials are the main driving force behind the economy today. Why? Because they are at the cusp of the long-lost past and bridge the gap between the old and the new, who are still too young to be a part of the workforce at the moment. Those born in the 90s fall in this bracket, and it’s safe to say that they are the ones leading the current trends in the world.

When it comes to sports, there are a number of favorites – football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis – these are the main games that interest the current lot. Mind-games, however, something like chess or the gentleman’s game – golf, are slowly losing out. There are many factors that come into place when we think of the most popular sports on the charts:

Health & Fitness

A lot of millennials concentrate on their health and wellness and concentrate more on sports activities that get their heartbeat pumping. That’s why fitness gadgets like Fitbit and others are doing so well, because they help with the person understanding their health level. And a game of golf doesn’t really sound like an intense workout, rather it looks more like something the retired folk would indulge in, as compared to our millennials who like running, jogging and yoga.


Another major change that is actually majorly responsible for the creation of millennials as they are is the onset of apps. It began with Facebook and has continued with every other service under the sun. People would rather prefer playing a game of virtual golf than actually heading to the links for a round. So many distractions are keeping them away from hitting a bucket of balls.


More and more millennials work two or more jobs today – a regular job that “pays the bills” and another job that could be in the direction of entrepreneurship or bringing up a family. Either way, millennials are not interested in a relatively slow game like golf that requires concentration and precision, coupled with expertise, that millennials don’t want to waste their time with.