How To Become a Pro Golfer

How To Become a Pro Golfer


Do you fancy playing golf for a living? Are you ready to forfeit you amateur status and become a pro? If you do then here’s how to do so;

Do some research

The first step to becoming a pro golfer is doing thorough research. This should give you an idea as to whether your game is cut out to compete with the sport’s elite or not. Find out what golf tours are out there for you. For instance 9 out of 10 golfers making the transition from amateur to pro take part in the PGA/ LPGA Tour. With this in mind, check out the credibility of the tours, expenses, the kind of play expected and so forth.

Plan course of action

Once you have identified the Golf Tour you wish to take part in, set an achievable plan on how you’ll graduate up to the PGA Tour. The progression should gradual. For example, try the Canadian Tour then the Nationwide Tour and up to the PGA Tour. If you don’t feel ready to make a transition up then stay put; pro golfing isn’t going anywhere.

Get financial backing

The path is now set up for you. Straighten up your finances or better yet get a corporate sponsor to take care of logistics. There are many other ways of achieving this so feel free to explore your options.

Get a coach

How do you improve your golf swing? Or improve your physical fitness? Or get a positive attitude to the game? Well, you’ll obviously need to get a coaching team. here are several aspects of golf that need to be mastered. For instance, a swing coach will fine tune your swing, conditioning coach will help you keep fit and free from injury while a mental coach (sport psychologist) should cultivate the correct attitude in you.

You’re now good to go

Everything is now in place. Sometimes all you need to turn pro is to qualify for a Tour and in some cases you just put up your money to play and you make the cut. Whatever the case, enjoy the game.