Top Golfers From Around The World

Top Golfers From Around The World


Sportsmen come and go in history, but few make a mark and raise the bar for the game they dedicate their lives to. There is no putting other sportsmen down; they have all given it their best shot and worked their hardest in the spirit of the sport of golf. However, some were born to be legends and will go down in history as the Top Golfers From Around The World:

Tiger Woods

The game of golf is yet to find someone who can accomplish the feats than golden boy, Tiger Woods. His name is synonymous with the game. By age 20 he had already turned pro and won his first major title, the 1997 Masters. That same year, he reached the Number One spot and all his colleagues have since tried to pry him from the top, to no avail. It was only in 2010 that Woods lost that title, since reports of his alleged extramarital affairs with multiple women was revealed. He took a break from the game and eventually fell below the Top 100, a first for his career.

Jack Nicklaus

Nicknamed “The Golden Bear”, Jack Nicklaus has been on the golf turf since he turned professional at age 21. In his career spanning decades, he has won over 18 major championships, and together with other wins, he has a total of 73 winnings, just behind Tiger Woods and Sam Snead. Not only is Jack a legend in the sport of golf, but also played college football and even indulged in tennis. Sadly, Jack got done with his career and ended it like a gentleman at the The Open Championship in 2005. The world hasn’t seen another like Jack Nicklaus for the overall great human being that he is and the class he has brought to the game.

Ben Hogan

The late Ben Hogan has been another gifted contributor to golf, after his contribution to the “golf swing theory”. In his career, he has won over 9 professional championships and is one among the top 5 golf players of all time, winning all major championships in his prolific life as a golfer. Hogan’s career was cut short by the Second World War, along with a near fatal accident. Again, like Jack Nicklaus, he is a legend that won’t soon be forgotten.

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